What Now & What's Next? (12.22.17)


For a long time, my plan has been to scale up my glass into larger (public art) works. This started with my 2014 ArtPop vinyl billboard. 

(As a 2018 ArtPop artist, my space water glass image will be seen throughout the Queen City on Adams Outdoor Advertising billboard, Center City Partners' magazine rack uptown, and even on digital displays at Ballantyne Village & the airport! Thanks to lots of great ArtPop sponsors, including the Knight Foundation:)

Currently, I’m working on two smaller public art projects with Historic South End in Charlotte, NC.

One of these projects — called The Urban Eddy — started as a body of my water glass rounds (see post thumbnail pic ©Melody Cassen). After being professionally photographed, the printed digital images of these glass rounds will go onto translucent vinyl. These vinyl rounds will get installed throughout the glass windows and doors of the CLT Powerhouse Studio in Historic South End (Charlotte) in January 2018.

                         Jarvi's plan for CLT Powerhouse Studio: The Urban Eddy.

                         Jarvi's plan for CLT Powerhouse Studio: The Urban Eddy.


Because I switched from painting to kiln glass in 2011, I had to start from ground zero with a brand new material/process. It’s been a long, expensive, but, rewarding journey.

After getting the basics down, I set up my own glass studio with multiple kilns, tile & ring saws, wet belt sander, and other equipment. Using heat and gravity to move the glass — with multiple kiln firings & cold working in between — I create glass often inspired by water. 

Ultimately, these become tabletop or wall mounted composites (or, now, designs for larger public artworks). I’m fascinated with groups of glass — how they work together to activate a space or invite contemplation.

They are really paintings with glass.


Right now, I have no gallery representation. Early in my glass career, I was blessed to be represented by Sozo Gallery in uptown Charlotte. There, I was able to share this new direction of my art, and we sold some beautiful glass. (Also, my first corporate glass commission for PricewaterhouseCoopers was through Sozo!)

     Jarvi's PricewaterhouseCoopers' glass commission. Image © Mitchell Kearney Photography .

     Jarvi's PricewaterhouseCoopers' glass commission. Image ©Mitchell Kearney Photography.

I left Sozo because of the exclusivity clause… meaning I had to share percentages of all sales I made in the area — whether through Sozo Gallery or not. (Nothing wrong with this common practice because good galleries put a LOT of money and work into their artists. But, it simply no longer made sense for me in the same city I lived.)

So, a couple of years ago — for the first time in my life as a professional artist — I decided to step back and focus of the craft of my glass, perfecting my kiln glass skills. Since, I’ve been very strategic about what I apply to/for. 

For now, I’m having a blast making the glasswork and finding new opportunities!


I create commission glass in addition to my retail line of smaller pieces — always pushing layers and depth in glass. (Like a painter, I use color for contrast, movement, and points of interest.)

Because of the cost of glass, I explore many ideas/color combinations on a very small scale. These are affordable little gems. (I’ve marked down my prices for the last time. All glass is going up in 2018. So, if you want a deal, now’s the time:)

The Lord has blessed me with several great projects in a row. That means there are not many “extra” glass pieces in the pipeline. I’m mostly creating new glass for these big opportunities. (First was The Urban Eddy — more on this one very soon! Now, I’m working on my 50 CSA water minis, and have another couple of new projects coming.)

Want to know more? Check back here soon. I’ll be updating my website pretty often. (Or follow me on Instagram — for peek inside my glass studio:)


(SIDE NOTE: I'm no longer on Facebook - at all - as of 1/1/2018. I won't ever see FB comments. Feel free to share though:)

Carmella Jarvi