#ArtPopCLT Class of 2018 (12.1.17)

I am beyond thrilled to be - once again - an ArtPop artist. 2018's class of 20 artists is quite a great mix. (Diverse in art media, age, background, and color!) I'll share more over the next year, but here's a quick run down and a couple of links to see/read more... (My billboard of water glass on black was photographed by Austin Caine.)

What’s ArtPop?

ArtPop Logo


They showcase local artists’ work on media space in their community to make city-sized galleries.

Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop Street Gallery

ArtPop's mission is to promote local artists’ work and make art accessible to communities through available media space. It is a national 501c3 trademarked program... and I'm now in a family of 205 other artists! ArtPop is in 9 states and 14 cities so far and growing! (This is an approximate value of $70,000 in FREE advertising over the year!!)

Charlotte Observer article

Creative Loafing article 

Finally... want to help? ArtPop is a HUGE undertaking... run by volunteers. Wendy L. Hickey is the Executive Director and passionate, giving soul who started ArtPop. (She juggles all of this with an intense full time job.) She would love to run ArtPop full time and YOU CAN HELP.

There are FIVE days left to vote for ArtPop for this Eagle Rare Life award... PLEASE VOTE, SHARE, and VOTE again. I promise it is EASY and you can vote once a day from every different device you have!! Thanks!! 


(SIDE NOTE: I'm no longer on Facebook - at all - as of 1/1/2018. I won't ever see FB comments. Feel free to share though:)