CSA (Community Supported Art) 2018. (12.1.17)

Being a self employed artist is a lot of work. But, such a joy when it starts paying off!

I'm excited to share that I will be one of nine CSA artists (that's Community Supported Art) in 2018. This program - sponsored by the Arts & Science Council - is great because they connect local artists with collectors and art appreciators. (I'll be making a brand new batch of my water minis... similar to these.)

How does it work? Nine artists are juried into the program each season. We pitch ideas that are reflective of our art, but specially made for CSA. Then, 50 "CSA Shares" are sold online. (Usually sales go fast. This time around was no exception... all 50 were sold out the same day:) 

Later, there are three separate, private "pick up" events held at different venues around the city. 

If you don't know about this program (whether artist or patron), I'd encourage you to check out Arts & Science Council. ASC does a great deal for the arts & culture, science, and history scenes around Charlotte. (CSA is just one of many.)

Now, I'm off to glass studio! (Want a peek into my process? Follow me on Instagram.)


(SIDE NOTE: I'm no longer on Facebook - at all - as of 1/1/2018. I won't ever see FB comments. Feel free to share though:)

Carmella Jarvi