Ending 2017 with QC Exclusive Article:)

It's not easy to completely switch media (to one complicated and specialized like glass) when you are an artist married to an artist. The first few years were starting over... learning a brand new material/process, investing in equipment & materials, and making a lot of bad glass art!!

However, after the last several years working in the glass studio nearly every day (& awesome training through Bullseye Glass ...and with Brian Corr at Penland School of Crafts), I finally feel confident saying "I am a glass artist!" (Although, yes, I still have plenty to learn.)

Of course, professional recognition doesn't hurt one bit. And, I am thrilled to have a nice little write up in the December 2017 issue of QC Exclusive magazine!! Read the full article here.

The article is a peek into my studio process. You can also follow me on Instagram for regular insight into how I create the glass inspired by water. (Post image is of me sanding glass.)

This was a real honor because QC Exclusive covers the best of everything in our area... and, I'm in the company of some amazing artists! What a way to end 2017. 


(SIDE NOTE: I'm no longer on Facebook - at all - as of 1/1/2018. I won't ever see FB comments. Feel free to share though:)