About the Artist.

  Portrait of the artist ©Chdwck.com

Portrait of the artist ©Chdwck.com


Why glass? And, a little more about the artist.

Carmella Jarvi is an artist - entrepreneur, McColl Center for Art + Innovation and Vermont Studio Center alumni, and three-time Regional Artist Project Grant recipient. Her art has evolved from women in water paintings to abstract explorations of water through kiln glass — since a 2011 trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 

Intrigued with this common & ethereal material from an early age, Jarvi’s glass is a beautiful and visually enticing expression of water. Her pieces have multiple firings and layers, with lots of cold working in between (using tile cutter, belt sander, and even breaking glass). She often utilizes kiln heat and gravity to move glass.

Whether tabletop/free standing work, wall composites, or prototypes for larger works or public art, they are really paintings with glass mostly inspired by water.

Jarvi’s first corporate glass commission (in 2015) was for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ uptown Charlotte office. Her glass transformed that space. In early 2017, she installed a glass wall commission for Moonlight Creative Group, a marketing firm celebrating 20 years.

Since 2014, the artist has been scaling her glass into larger public artworks — starting with a 2014 ArtPop vinyl billboard, and in 2016 with an ArtPop curved digital display of her kiln glass. Now, she's having a fantastic time as an #ArtPopCLT 2018 artist! Here's more about ArtPop.

Earlier in 2018, she completed a public art project with Historic South End in her hometown of Charlotte, NC. The Urban Eddy is her better known water glass rounds — custom printed on translucent vinyl that were, then, installed throughout the CLT Powerhouse (former Trolley Museum) building's glass windows/doors.

As a full-time artist for over a decade, Carmella Jarvi understands business, and marketing. And, she works well within a community/network. Although she’s spent years helping other artists and leading art events, the last few years have been spent mostly in the glass studio — refining her process and making prototypes for bigger work. 

She creates commission glass in addition to a retail line — continually pushing the layers and depth in her kiln glass. Like a painter, she uses color for contrast, movement, and points of interest. Jarvi continues to scale her glass by creating larger pieces/groups, as well as create more public art.

Often, she's working in her glass studio on new pieces, exploring how to transform her glass into public art, or maybe in the office working on business projects — seeking opportunities. (Check out artist husband, Chris Craft.)

More details on Jarvi's Resume. (Want to know more? Contact the artist directly below.)

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