About the Artist.

Portrait of the artist ©Chdwck.com

Portrait of the artist ©Chdwck.com


Why glass?

Carmella Jarvi is a McColl Center for Art + Innovation and Vermont Studio Center alumni, and three-time Regional Artist Project Grant recipient. Her artwork has evolved from women in water paintings to abstract explorations of water through kiln glass - her primary focus since a trip in 2011 to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 

Inspired by water from an early age, glass just seemed the obvious direction to explore something so common, yet ethereal. Jarvi’s kiln-formed glass pieces have multiple firings and layers, with a variety of cold working techniques (with tile cutter, belt sander, etc.) in between. 

Whether tabletop/free standing work, wall composites, prototypes for larger works or public art, they are really paintings with glass.

The artist has been scaling her glass into larger public artworks - starting with a 2014 ArtPop vinyl billboard, and again in 2016, with an ArtPop curved digital display of her kiln glass. Now, she's excited to be one of #ArtPopCLT 2018 artists! Here's more about ArtPop.

Currently, she's working on two smaller public art projects with Historic South End in her hometown of Charlotte, NC. One is printing her better known water glass rounds on translucent vinyl placed throughout the CLT Powerhouse Studio (former Trolley Museum) building's glass windows/doors. 

Most days, she's working in her glass studio creating new pieces, exploring how to transform her glass into public art, or in the office working on business projects - seeking other opportunities. (Check out studio-mate, and artist husband, Chris Craft.)

More details on artist's Resume. (Also can contact the artist directly below.)

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