Where did Jarvi's #ArtPopCLT idea come from? (12.4.17)

When you look at my new 2018 ArtPop billboard, you might notice it looks unlike anything else on my site. So, where did this idea originate?

ArtPop Logo

First of all, I knew that ArtPop competition has been getting fiercer. (114 submissions in our area this year!) Just like the first time I submitted, I knew my final idea had to be visually strong - and, much different than my first time. My glass may be beautiful, but coming up with a dynamic digital version of it is another animal...

Backing up to earlier in 2017... I was working on another project and seeking photographers who could capture my glass for printing. Austin Caine was on the short list. I gave him some sample pieces for a test shoot. 

He had the really cool idea of shooting them on black. When he emailed me the sample shots, I knew this would be an awesome ArtPop billboard!! After this, I went about creating the glass (+ used an orange-y round I'd already made) for this "space water glass." 

Once I had my glass finished, I played around with composition - getting input from my favorite studio mate (& husband), artist Chris Craft

I hope that Austin and I might be collaborating in 2018 - to push this idea further.


(SIDE NOTE: I'm no longer on Facebook - at all - as of 1/1/2018. I won't ever see FB comments. Feel free to share though:)

Jarvi's #ArtPopCLT 2018 Billboard

Jarvi's #ArtPopCLT 2018 Billboard