Season of Gratitude (11.24.18)

Sometimes I feel like progress is so slow. Then, I remember how far I’ve come. It’s easy to forget I completely changed over to new medium — glass — in late 2011.

My dreams of public art & scaling glass have been on my heart for years. After a lean season, I’m grateful for new beginnings, opportunities & connections!

I have much to thank the Lord for! (Yes, for tough times & lessons too.) As hard as I’ve worked, I am here by grace of God & His goodness — including many others who’ve blessed & taught me along the way.

Jarvi Hambidge Center Rain pic

Above is new favorite image I shot of light rain on water during recent residency at The Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts & Sciences. Patience is not my strong suit, but when I wait on God’s timing, it’s always better — like this experience in Rabun Gap, GA.

This Hambidge Center residency was unexpected — as I was on the waiting list.

I’d proposed getting back to water in nature — my first love. (As well as getting back to painting water. More about this soon:)

Learning glass & scaling my work has meant less time of reflection & inspiration. Now that I have groove with glass work & public art direction, what I need is time in & around water in nature:) With this 2 week residency in summer 2018, I got just that!

BELOW is detail of a latest piece of “Hambidge inspired” water glass with greens.

(Check back before end of 2018 for other news.)

Jarvi green water glass detail