HOW CREATIVITY HAPPENS? About/Videos (11.2.19)

Crazy that it’s been over six months since I sent an email blast or updated art on my website!

The downside of being a “team of one” is that things do get passed over. (I hire others for contractural work — very specific, project-based — but, rest of the time, it’s usually just me.) After pretty much hustling 24/7 from last fall into May this year, I’ve been reprioritizing since.

This meant working a lot behind the scenes redoing my glass studio (to handle multiple large projects simultaneously), a new painting studio set up (office turned back into painting studio) as well as streamlining much of my business set up! (Have some cool updates coming to the website soon too!)

BUT, the biggest chunks of time have been on new artwork — including this VERY exciting collaborative project I’ve been part of since April 2019. Early this year, I was invited by two artists I highly respect, Sally Fanjoy and James Labrenz (Fanjoy Labrenz) to join them and three other creatives/artists, the Hickory Museum of Art and the Corning Foundation.

FIRST VIDEO TEASER OF PROJECT BELOW. (With rest of currently released ones following:)

This project is both a documentation — and currently unfolding exhibition at HMA — of the messy and ever-changing collaborative process and the ultimate creation of a custom work of art where we (Sally Fanjoy and James Labrenz, Michael Deckard, Claire Pope, Hunter Speagle and myself) explore glass, light, connectivity among other things… 

This is an interactive exhibit, and highly unusual in that much of the show is a peek directly into the creative, collaborative process of six artists. How Creativity Happens? runs through January 5, 2020, and will continue to have new videos and materials added almost to the end.

Of course, the highlight is the unveiling of our large scale collaborative work [I’m calling “Seeing Light”] on Saturday, November 16 from 6-8pm. 

(PLEASE NOTE: All artists will be present, but this 11/16 event is NOT a free reception unless you are an HMA Member or employee/guest of Corning or Cabot Wrenn — two of our generous sponsors! Tickets for the evening can be purchased online at this link.)