Save the Date: March 10, 2018

Many ask me where to find my glass. (This website is great - as is Ecommerce - but, not all my work gets onto the site:)

Saturday, March 10th, from 6-9pm, I'll be with other ArtPopCLT 2018 artists, sharing AND selling our hand made creations. (See details below.)

I'll have a bunch of little glass (& a few bigger ones too) that start at $75. This includes a few glass cabochons, tiny water minis, and small glass bowls. 

Many of these don't get on website because photographing glass is tough & often my pic doesn't do glass justice. (You can see more studio pics on my Instagram feed:)

Any glass sold at this March 10th event, I'm donating 10% of sales to support ArtPop's MATCHING FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN!! (Husband and I already made a small contribution ourselves. Would love to share more!)

ArtPop must raise $40,000 by April to receive an ADDITIONAL $40,000! (That means every dollar counts twice:) They're half way.

Do hope you'll consider investing in ArtPop directly through (or 10% of your Jarvi glass purchase will go to this important campaign).

I rarely ask my supporters and collectors to financially support other causes, but ArtPop is a game changer for artists - and NOT just in Charlotte, NC!!

Carmella Jarvi