Jewelry Update (12.16.18)

Being a full-time artist is an adventure. Sometimes things are clear. But, other times paths change — for a variety of reasons. That’s what happened with the glass jewelry — why it’s on the back burner for now.

Lots of folks have expressed interest and have given great feedback about my glass in jewelry form. However, it’s been tough to find a silversmith to collaborate with. That sweet spot between affordable, good craftsmanship and interest in making jewelry with glass has alluded me.

After spending a good part of 2018 working on business plans, researching, and making pieces with two different jewelers, I had to let go. (Probably not forever, but now is just not the time.)

Moving into 2019, I’ll continue creating glass cabs for future pieces… and keep searching for a silversmith wanting to make some jewelry. In the mean time, I’m having a blast creating my water glass, wall mounted pieces, pitching ideas for public art, and painting again:)

Studio pic — assortment of available water glass:)

Studio pic — assortment of available water glass:)

Glass JewelryCarmella Jarvi