Quiet Water @ GreenHill Center for NC Art

Quiet Water @ GreenHill Center for NC Art


Quiet Water is a cast glass composite created during Jarvi’s 2019 Atrium Health Artist-in-Residence at McColl Center for Art + Innovation. Inspired by outdoor waters that reflect greens in nature and healing, each cast glass round is unique… yet, has a similar color palette.

Quiet Water was originally made for a temporary public art "faux water feature" at Mercy Hospital's Healing Garden. (Was installed in an interior access outdoor garden area. Because of dark greens, exterior location and slope of the ground, it was impossible to stage a decent shot.)

Artist had Mitchell Kearney Photography shoot the final 8 in his studio. What’s very cool is the one odd green water glass has so much blue, it reminds one of our own blue planet!

Like all Jarvi glass composites, Quiet Water can be custom arranged for each space displayed. However, it’s meant to be shown on a lower pedestal so one can gaze into the water-inspired glass.

Sizes of 8 pieces are: 12" diameter x 2", 10.25" diameter x 1.25", 8" diameter x 1.5", two 7.5" x 1", 7" diameter x 1", and, two 6.5" diameter x .75"

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